Bible College Graduate Average Salary

Bible college is a great option for those who want a fulfilling job working in a religious-based career. This is also an option for people who don’t necessary want a career as a pastor or a missionary, but who instead want to learn how to incorporate God into their everyday business practices. The career paths open to you after you graduate from bible college, whether you got to school at an offline or online university, depend on your concentration and your specific goals in life, and the average salary you can expect with such a degree depends on the choices you make.

Many students who attend bible college are interested in a job in the clergy field. While this isn’t your only option after a religious education, it can be a lucrative career, both in terms of job fulfillment and salary. According to, you can expect the following average salaries as a member of the clergy:

  • Senior Pastor: $51,155
  • Minister: $47,932
  • Pastor of Ministry: $39,149
  • Associate Pastor: $36,313
  • Youth Pastor: $33,707

With a degree from a bible college, you can also pursue a career as a chaplain. Chaplains are religious leaders working at institutions that are typically non-religious to provide spiritual guidance to religious employees who request it. You average salary as a chaplain depends on where you work; the salary ranges you can expect are as follows:

  • Working with the Federal Government: $62,400 – $110,748
  • Working with State or Local Government: $33,708 – $61,274
  • Working at a School or College: $23,800 – 59,495
  • Working at a Hospital: $37,605 – $51,039
  • Working at a Non-Profit Organization: $32,087 – $50,492
  • Working at a Private or Public Company: $38,505 – $46,691

You can also pursue a degree in education if you attend bible college. With this kind of degree, you can work in day cares, schools, and even colleges if you have advanced education. Your salary depends on experience – a religious education major right out of school can expect to make an average of $32,400 per year, while someone with 20 or more years of experience can expect to make an average of $72,000 per year.

Of course, you don’t have to use your bible college degree toward a career that is outwardly so religious-based. Many bible colleges offer associate, bachelor, master, and even doctorate degrees in many different subject matters. The different here is that your education will also include religious training, teaching you to use the bible and other religious guidance to help you make decisions in the workplace. Some of the most popular careers, as of 2009, along with their salaries, are as follows:

  • Network Systems Analysts: $93,950
  • Physician’s Assistant: $74,980
  • Medical Assistants: $26,290
  • Medical Records and Health Information Technicians: $28,030
  • Software Engineers: $79,780
  • Physical Therapist Aides: $41,360
  • Fitness Trainers: $25,910
  • Database Administrators: $64,670
  • Veterinary Technicians: $28,900
  • Dental Hygienists: $66,570

You can read about all of these careers from the United States Department of Labor. Want to increase your average salary? Go back to school. While many bible college students pursue associate’s degrees or bachelor’s degrees, most universities also offer master’s degrees, and some even offer doctorate degrees. Having an advanced degree can really help you to get a higher-paying job in a career you love.

Featured Online Bible Colleges

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Grand Canyon University Founded over 60 years ago, GCU is one of the most popular online Bible colleges in the nation, offering degrees at the bachelor's, master's, and doctorate levels. Originally founded in 1949 as a Southern Baptist college, Grand Canyon is now an interdenominational Christian university.
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Abilene Christian University Abilene Christian University is a selective private university founded in 1906. The school was first established in Abilene, Texas. At ACU students can choose from 67 baccalaureate programs that include over 125 areas of study. ACU also offers over 25 masters degree programs that come highly accredited.
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Ohio Christian University Ohio Christian University's online degree programs offer Associate, Bachelor, and Master's degrees in an accelerated format designed for adults with busy schedules. With classes available online or on campus, OCU makes earning your degree convenient, flexible, and affordable.
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