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by admin on January 31, 2010

The Christian church is prolific in America, but each church has its own belief systems, guidelines and perspectives. The ecumenical movement seeks to overcome these barriers among churches to unify congregations with cooperation and a better understanding among religions. In that vein, we offer fifty ecumenical blogs, or blogs that seek to overcome church barriers to offer outreach to anyone, no matter their beliefs or creeds.

This universal Christian unity often is found in churches that open their doors to people of various faiths…but that’s not where we went with this list. While some blogs originate from Lutheran or Catholic or even Buddhist backgrounds, the focus is on outreach and a ‘flattening’ of the faith to common ground.

That said, the list below is divided into categories that range from ‘ecumenism in general’ to emergent outreach. In between these categories, you can find blogs that are by and for women, a theological approach and general outreach to a wide range of people. Each link within the categories is listed in alphabetical order to show that we do not favor one blog over another.

Ecumenism in General

  1. Christians in Context: A blog about ethical and liturgical topics within the Christian tradition in general.
  2. Commonweal: The blog reflects the content of Commonweal Magazine, which focuses on religion, politics and culture.
  3. Desert Trinity Bible Fellowship: This blog is an ecumenical effort in teaching Christianity.
  4. Desiring God: God-centered resources from John Piper’s ministry. Although he is a Baptist minister, his teachings on this blog are ecumenical.
  5. Ecumenical Explosion: This blog is dedicated to “exploring differing viewpoints of Christianity while maintaining unity in Christ.”
  6. Ecumenism Today – Coffee with Crossin: This blog contains commentary on ecumenism and also is a chronicle of ecumenical activities within the Washington Theological Consortium.
  7. Exploring Ecumenism: Chris Sissons follows a “radical” Wesleyan approach to transformation through ecumenical conversations.
  8. Field Notes: Ben Sternke is a “church planter” who talks about community outreach and mission work.
  9. Methobaptist Musings: Andrew Statum, a man of varied Christian experiences, reflects on theology, church and culture…from the perspective of an “American Baptist in John Wesley’s court.”
  10. New Epistles: A blog on theology, scripture and life issues from an ordained minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.
  11. The Divine Life: An evangelical Protestant converts to Catholicism and writes about reaching across the aisles to a better understanding of Christianity and Christians.
  12. What Does The Prayer Really Say? This blog offers “slavishly accurate” liturgical translations & frank commentary on Catholic issues…but from an ecumenical perspective.


  1. Cross Talk ~ crux probat omnia: Michael J. Gorman offers biblical and theological reflections in this blog.
  2. Faith and Theology: An Australian scholar who teaches systematic theology at Charles Sturt University’s School of Theology offers a regular blog about theology, books and culture.
  3. Freedom Log:
  4. Inhabitatio Dei: Any Christian can enjoy this blog, which offers thoughts on biblical studies, culture, theologians, theology and more.
  5. Law and Theology: Talk about reaching across the aisle — this blogger reaches into a sack filled with law, theology and Christianity.
  6. Prof. John Stackhouse’s Weblog: This professor draws on history, sociology, theology, and philosophy to explore the intersection of Christian faith and contemporary culture in North America and beyond.
  7. Rock and Theology: This blog explores the relationship between ‘secular’ rock and ‘sacred’ theology, and related matters of faith and culture today.
  8. The church and postmodern culture: This blog offers discussions by high-profile theorists on postmodern theory and contemporary theology.
  9. The Politics of the Cross Resurrected: Theology meets Western culture in this blog by a theology and ethics teacher at Tyndale University College and Seminary.

For and By Women

  1. Ecumenical Women at the United Nations: Ecumenical Women is an international coalition of church denominations and ecumenical organizations which have status with the Economic & Social Council (ECOSOC) at the United Nations.
  2. Emerging Women: This blog represents a gathering of women (and men) from around the world who come together to explore faith.
  3. Girl Talk: A mom and three daughters talk about biblical womanhood.
  4. Lutheran Woman Today: A safe place to discuss Lutheran Woman Today’s most current Bible study and articles.
  5. Meaning and Authenticity: A personal look at religion, spirituality, psychology and politics from a second-career minister and pastoral counselor.
  6. Purple Cellar: This blog, written by a Christian author, is for women “zealous for God’s glory.”
  7. Radical Womanhood: Carolyn McCulley is the author of two books, Radical Womanhood: Feminine Faith in a Feminist World and Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye? Trusting God with a Hope Deferred.
  8. Rebecca Merrill Groothuis: Rebecca, an author, writes about Christianity and equality, gender issues and more.
  9. The Paris Project: Jenell Paris is a professor of anthropology and sociology at Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania. This blog reflects her thoughts on life and the juxtaposition of Christianity and society.

Reaching Out

  1. Bill Kinnon: Bill, a media technician and craftsman, wrote the book, A Networked Conspiracy, which focuses on how the church can use the ubiquity of the Internet to release the power of the church’s collective intelligence.
  2. Captain’s Blog: This blog reaches out to individuals who are learning to live as the Body of Christ outside the institutional church structure, and offers hope for those who feel naked outside of those walls.
  3. Dispossessed: Although the focus is on the orphans created by AIDS in Swaziland, this family takes on a personal ministry that is interesting to watch unfold.
  4. Dream Awakener: JT is a young man who has planted many churches and who feels the need to renovate the world through personal and community ministry rather than through institutions.
  5. Ecumenical Buddhism: Reaching out from East to West through an explanation and exploration of divergent yet similar thoughts.
  6. Faith Dance: A postmodern look at couples, faith and Christian community.
  7. Get Religion: Do you get religion? This blog feels that the press doesn’t get it, so the writers offer their take on society and religious belief systems.
  8. Inspired Faith, Effective Action: The blog for of the Advocacy & Witness staff group of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations.
  9. Levellers: This blog deals with the intersection of faith, especially Christian faith, and work for social justice and peace.
  10. Missional Church Network: This blog provides resources and encouragement to those who desire to see the church — any church — recapture its missionary nature.
  11. Sparkfly: This blog is meant for gathering together people, resources, creative thoughts, honest conversation and global awareness from an ecumenical perspective.
  12. Straight-Friendly: This blog reaches out to members of the GLBT community who want to regain a commitment to their Christian faith.
  13. The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood: This blog focuses on the complementary differences between men and women, yet both created equally in God’s image.

Emergence Outreach

  1. Emerging Pensees: “Pensees” is a French word for “thoughts,” and this blog focuses on pensees about God, faith, life and the emerging church.
  2. Reclaiming the Mission: David Fitch writes about evangelicalism, the current evangelical malaise, mission, and being the Body of Christ in the new North American cultural context.
  3. up/rooted: This collaboration out of Chicago seeks to understand and engage an emerging postmodern, post-Christendom culture and offers a hand to anyone who cares to discuss the process.
  4. Re-dreaming the Dream: This dreamer posts thoughts on how to connect faith with community and much more…
  5. Sarcastic Lutheran: The writer for this blog is the mission developer for House for All Sinners and Saints in Denver, Colorado. Go ahead and read…the writings are more thought-provoking than cranky.
  6. Subversive Influence: Brother Maynard (fictional) is a ‘missional’ thinker and a writer who likes to shake things up from the inside out.
  7. The Jesus Manifesto: “The Jesus Manifesto is a clearinghouse for propaganda meant to frustrate and disrupt quaint notions of Jesus (and the even quainter notions of the religion he founded).” No matter your commitment or creed, this blog might reach deeper than anything that has touched you in church.

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